Don't let your tires end up in landfills. Give your tires another life!

Let Global Waste Management Inc. give your tires another life. We will make sure that your old tires will serve another purpose.

Either they will be used as old playground chips or used for the roads, they will not be thrown underground to pollute the earth.

We take an extra step in everything that we do here to make sure that everything about us is green. We welcome all haulers and recyclers to work with us and help the environment.



We need to be able to identify old products which could be made into something new. Is the product recyclable?


We need to reduce the amount of the earth's resources we use to make products which may not be essential.


We need to adopt the habit of reusing products. Don't just throw an item away, instead, why not see if a friend, relative, or charity can make use of the item.




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